Today Jjong sent flowers to Key for his musical. „To key. You are going to want to go to toilet during musical. From Jonghyun. “

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Words of emotion

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» Pray for Korea, Pass it on


Don’t Just Pray for your Idols, Pray for Korea in a whole. Because both sides need it. Each normal person in either North or South Korea need strength in order to survive all the pain they are going through. Don’t just think about the government and their stupidity, think about all the people there who just want peace and for Korea to be together in harmony again. 


Pray for South Korea


Jung Chawoong

-Gave his life jacket to his friend

-Saved a group of friends and went inside again to save other friends

-Class president

-It was his 17th birthday.

Park Jiyoung

-Sewol ferry crew. Worked about 6 months

-Found life jackets on 4th floor and handled it to students in 3rd floor

-Student asked why she’s not wearing a life jacket, and she answered “the crews are the last one to wear it.”

-Tried to save people even though the water was at the level of her chest

-“I’ll save all of you first, then I’ll go out”

They are two heroes we now know.

And the last one is the asshole……..the captain of the Sewol Ferry who saved himself and left the passengers. I hate you man.

RIP for two heroes….

but you captain, you go to hell.


«It’s because I’m his soulmate… Because I’m Key’s Soulmate.»

— Jonghyun

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hverii replied to your post “Well, Jessica. It’s been a week. Seems you’re really gone this time. …”


Ne. You’re welcome to visit him any time you wish, of course. You’re like another mother to him, after all.

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Well, Jessica. It’s been a week. Seems you’re really gone this time.

It’s final, then. I’m taking Taejoon.

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Faith in humanity restored! Never judge a book by its cover! 

fuck yeah

These guys are some of the most amazing people.

superheroes are real

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